Gary at Percy Hedley Pop Up Shop

Gary has done many shifts in our shop and has built on his communication skills by interacting with customers and handing out flyers to promote our social enterprise. Gary took it upon himself during our quiet times to sell sweets created by our ‘Candy Gang’ from outside the shop which brought many customers through the door.

Gary has built on his independence skills by using the till and card machine to serve customers, packing products into bags, stocking shelves, general housekeeping, dealing with money and taking orders from customers.

Gary has become familiar with Manor Walks Shopping Centre and has particularly benefited from having minimal to no support whilst walking around the shopping centre.

He is an absolute natural in the retail sector, his people skills and positive attitude has been amazing to see. Well done, Gary! 

“Friends of the Community” group win award!

Last week our “Friends of the Community” group from Hedleys College/ Horizons were presented with a very special recognition award. The award was from “The Key” A charity which is dedicated to inspiring belief in young people, and was awarded to them for helping the homeless, and those who are less fortunate.

Our group were delighted to receive this award and we look forward to seeing them continue their mission to carry on helping those in need in the future.