Meet our senior leadership team and board of executives.

Our management have the overall responsibility for our strategy and performance. They oversee the running of the Foundation and meet up on a regular basis.

Day-to-day management and operations are delegated to an Executive Team, which is led by our Chief Executive.

Meet The Executive Team

Rob McDonald Chief Executive Officer
Alison Williams Director of Corporate Services
John Preston Chief Financial Officer
John Steward Director of Education
Andrew McGreevy Director of Business Development
Charlotte Jones Director of Health and Wellbeing
Lynsey Dawson Company Secretary

We are governed by a Board of Trustees which has overall responsibility of our conduct and management as a charity. They set the long term strategic direction that enables us to work towards achieving our vision.

Meet The Trustee Team

Paul Foreman Trustee
Damon Kent Trustee
Dr Bill Snaith Trustee
Ewen Weir Trustee
Clare Thompson Trustee
Janet Donnelly Trustee
Dr Nicola Hutchinson Trustee
Dr Peter Emerson Trustee