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Hedleys College Prom 2022

Hedleys College have finally able to have their graduation and prom this year after being unable to have it for the last two years due to Covid.

This year, it was held at Grand Hotel Gosforth. We were able to see a brilliant presentation created by students themselves, all about the things they have achieved this year. Awards and certificates were given out for each part of the curriculum too.

Students enjoyed a 2-course meal, with a sweets card, photobooth, and disco, whilst having a lot of fun!

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Northern Counties School Football Presentation

Students celebrated the end of term with a lovely picnic in the school park, which finished off with Northern Counties School Football Team receiving awards at the Football Presentation, for playing their best throughout the year.

The team and their families sat together outside for the football presentation, after having a catch up with other parents, carers and staff around the park. They received awards and certificates — even a red carpet was set out for them for the presentation.

The coach, Josh, who has loved every minute of coaching the team and thinks they are a fab bunch — was giving out the awards in front of lots of proud faces within the crowd.

We will be looking forward to seeing what the team get up to when they return to school this September.

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Percy Hedley School Summer Fayre 2022

It was brilliant to be able to host our annual Summer Fayre at Percy Hedley School, which was organised by the Parent Teacher Association.

We had many stalls with all sorts of goodies from raffles, to bath products and home decor. We also had some very cute visitors from Little Paws Ferret Rescue and some birds of prey. It was great to see old and new faces come along to the fayre for some fun in the sun and enjoy some of the rides and ice cream.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Asda Gosforth for donating hot dogs, Greggs for donating bakes, sausage rolls, doughnuts, and shortbread, and to Chris Fewster Smith for donating vouchers and consumables!

Northern Counties School Prom 2022

Last week, students from Northern Counties School had their leavers prom. Teachers worked tirelessly to set up an amazing outdoor space in the sunshine with a disco, buffet, sweet stand, and gift bags.

The party was so amazing that students from around the school wanted to join in and see their friends!

A huge well done to our 2022 leavers who have worked hard in school, particularly over the last couple of years.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to our amazing teachers, support staff, and therapists for your hard work at Northern Counties School – despite the effects of coronavirus our key workers have pushed through and it was amazing to celebrate our students’ achievement together.

“This Is Me” at Percy Hedley School

Students and staff at Percy Hedley School celebrated diversity and individuality with their “This Is Me” festival-style event. Everyone across the school wore the clothes that best described their personality, and dedicated the day to just being themselves.

With music, dancing, games, fancy dress and ice cream, everyone enjoyed a fantastic day in the sun.

On the afternoon, there was a “This Is Me” parade march, where students proudly marched showing off their amazing outfits and flags, and were even joined by two local drag queens – Wendy Towers and Gloria Love.

There was also an impromptu cat walk with anyone who felt like it – students really enjoyed this, and to get to walk down with the drag queens was extra special. By the end of it, everyone’s cheeks were hurting from smiling too much!

Leanne and Jo, who organised the event, had held a similar event last year during COVID, but were only able to do this within class bubbles. They were really pleased with the outcome of the day, to see everyone laughing, smiling and embracing their personalities, brought a sense of huge sense of achievement for them.

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Percy Hedley School Sports Day 2022

Last week, students at Percy Hedley School took part in their sports day which included lots of ways to practice physical exercise and movement. The sun was shining, while students rotated around various competative activites, collecting points and scores.

The sports day was held over 3 days with a mix of different activities to ensure students of all abilities and needs where able to take part in sport – all brilliantly planned by Helen, PE Teacher at Percy Hedley School.

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Families Learn BSL at Northern Counties

We absolutely loved seeing parents and family members return to Northern Counties School after a three year gap due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for our weekly learn British Sign Language (BSL) sessions. Among the team who teach the sessions is Mandy, who is the Head Learning Teaching Assistant (HLTA), in the Deaf Department and is a Native BSL user. Mandy also co-ordinates the school’s Signing Choir — which involves all of our talented Deaf students who learn and perform songs in Sign Language.

BSL lessons are hard to come by and can sometimes be quite costly, which makes it difficult for family members to learn the language that their child might use to communicate. BSL is the standard language that is taught at Northern Counties to deaf and non-verbal students, but the school also accommodates for users of Makaton, or those who have their own methods of communication.

Having the BSL lessons at the school provides a comfortable environment to learn a new language with other people, although some are at different stages of learning the language, it is an opportunity to learn a new skill whilst receiving guidance from Mandy, and also from each other.

We’re really pleased that we are now able to offer the sessions again, which have been long-awaited by parents, families and school staff as a result of restrictions in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sessions also offered an opportunity for Wellbeing and Engagement Practitioner, Lorna, who supports the students at the school, to meet parents and family members — who, alongside staff, she also offers support to.

The first lesson which was taught on Tuesday, covered the alphabet and how to introduce yourself in sign language. The lessons are every week, and will cover various different topics in sign language that will be useful to know when interacting with those who are deaf or non-verbal. A step forward to making our language more inclusive.

For more information on the sessions, please contact Mandy at Northern Counties School.

Saving the Planet with MOVE

Pupils at Percy Hedley School have been practising their movement, while learning all about changes we can make to save our planet. From cleaning up our beaches, to recycling plastic and reducing our water usage, each activity linked back to using movement while learning.

This was the schools first collaboration with MOVE on a National level whilst celebrating their annual MOVE day ‘MOVE Saves the Planet!’. Other schools who follow the MOVE programme are also participating in this event across the country this June. The school who demonstrates the most movement opportunities will be gifted £500 towards therapy equipment – fingers crossed we’re in with a good chance!

The MOVE Programme is a functional activity and goal-based programme designed to teach basic functional motor skills to those with complex physical needs. So each activity including things like using hand grips to pick up litter or use fish nets, pincer grips to open and close pegs on a washing line, or gross motor skills like crawling or propelling through the jungle.

Activities also accommodated for speech and language classes, who got involved searching for each climate station on the map, working together to funnel water into a bucket, and planting pots of soil with seeds.

The engagement classes had lots of sensory elements to the programme where they interacted with nature by looking, feeling, reaching throughout all the activities. They used switches to turn on fans, looking for the fish in the sensory sea tunnel and feeling the sand when cleaning the beaches on one of the stations.

There were 11 stations around the school grounds each with a unique way to improve physical development and movement.

MOVE at Percy Hedley School has been running since September. Saving The Planet with MOVE was organised by Mary (Physiotherapist), Sophie (Occupational Therapist), and Tina (Physiotherapist), who are part of the MOVE team, with the aims to curate a fun and interesting way of moving to improve mobility.

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