What this privacy notice covers

The Percy Hedley Foundation is committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about what information we hold about you.

The purpose of this notice is to give you a clear explanation about how the Percy Hedley Foundation and associated services uses the personal information you provide to us and what we collect, whether online, via phone, in letters or in any other correspondence and which third parties we may share that information with.

We ensure that we use your information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any other laws that set out how we can use your personal data.

This notice explains:

⦁ What information we may collect about you;
⦁ How we will use that information;
⦁ Whether we disclose your details to anyone else; and
⦁ Your choices regarding the information you provide to us.

View our Privacy Notice below.

If you would like to discuss anything in this Privacy Notice, please contact: Data Protection Officer, The Percy Hedley Foundation, Hampeth Lodge, Station Road, Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8YY, or email