Northern Counties School Teacher Award Winner at Unique Art Awards

Earlier this year, Lauren Tate, a teacher at Northern Counties School, became a finalist for the Unique Art Awards. The Unique Art Awards are looking to recognise the work done by teachers in the arts in special education and would like to offer an award to highlight excellence in this field which includes Art, Drama and Music.

We are ecstatic to share that all of Lauren’s hard work paid off as she won the award for Art Teacher in Special Needs Education.

Lauren traveled down to Middlesex this month, to Sheraton Skyline Hotel, to enjoy the awards evening, where awards were given out to inspiring young disabled artists before she was given her award as an Art Teacher for Special Needs.

‘It was an honor to be nominated for the award and never expected to win at all…The unique art awards were amazing, such a great celebration of art in special needs education and being there made me proud to be able to do what I do’
– Lauren Tate

A huge well done to Lauren on her accomplishment. As we enter a new academic year, we know she will continue to provide the best education and support to our children at Northern Counties School.