MOVing All Over the World Days: 14th and 15th June 2022

MOVing All Over the World Day ….Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th June

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Each MOVE task is related to eco-friendly and environmentally friendly activities. These will all be based outdoors, and each class will receive a map of Percy Hedley on Tuesday morning to help the students follow the path of activity stations around the ‘Percy Hedley world’!

Activities include… a sensory sea tunnel, using a grabber to collect rubbish, using switches to activate fans and planting seeds!

Students and staff are invited to wear blue or green to represent the earth over the 2 days! This is optional.

Finally, to become an eco-friendlier school each class is going to be receiving an end of day class checklist created by one of our students. This will remind the class to always remember to turn off lights and computers and to ensure taps aren’t left running. Every little helps!

We will be sharing lots of pictures of the event on the blog – so look out for this!

Many thanks,