Philip and Jessica visit Formica to see their artwork!

Do you remember the amazing Poppy Picture made by Philip and Jessica at Hedleys Able 2?

The artwork, which took 9 months to complete, was won in an auction at the CIPD North East Awards by Formica, who bid £1,000 for it.

This week, Philip and Jessica were invited to visit Formica in North Shields to see their work hanging proudly on the office wall and have a tour.

In a lovely gesture, Formica presented Philip and Jessica with a laminated version of the Poppy picture to take back to Able 2!

Huge thanks to Emma, Michelle and Paul from organising the visit and to the Hedleys Employability team for arranging the auction!

Proceeds from the auction of the Poppy went back to Able 2 to reinvest in the service.