Hedleys College and Horizons take part in the BRIT Challenge

The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) exists to support and improve the mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, of young adults, students, and staff, throughout the UK. Hedleys College and Horizons participated in the BRIT Challenge, which is 24 events in between the 24th January and 24th March.

Hedleys College and Hedleys Horizons have participated in the BRIT Challenge, which is 24 events from January 24th to March 24th in order to improve and support student and staff wellbeing, as well as inspire volunteering and fundraising.

The past two months have been full of fun collaborative ideas and students and staff from both Hedleys College and Hedleys Horizons have thoroughly enjoyed them.

The challenge kicked off with a Spanish tapas lesson, which you can see photos of below:

Other events included Sing with Izzy where students and staff enjoyed an hour of music and singing, as well as painting gratitude stones. There were even visits from Northumbria Police, both with the traffic car and with the police dogs, one of which had just started their training.

The challenge continued with Hedleys College becoming a Warm Space for the community, as well as hosting a pamper session from Tropic Pamper.


There was even a visit from a supercar, as well as a sport session from SMILE Through Sport.

March was a month for the brave, as it included a cold dip in the sea at Tyne Mouth Longsands. Thanks to the Surf Club there who supplied a life guard to look over everyone.

The last event of the challenge was a visit by the Widow Sons Motorcycle Club, who arrived with several Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Students and staff were overjoyed with being able to sit on the motorcycles and even rev them a bit! The Widow Sons generously brought Easter eggs for the students and members as well so everyone got a treat at the end.

We want to thank everyone who got involved, the students and members who attended each event, the staff who helped to organise and support the activities, and most importantly the businesses who arranged to come in a provide such an amazing experience for everyone.

These two months of challenges and activities will certainly not be forgotten!