Family Information and FOPHS News Friday 14th June 2024

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This week is Carers Week; we play a vital role in the lives of our children/young people. Next week, I will see what information I can share on supporting carers.

The Father’s Day sale was on today. Thanks for your generous donations, which support the student council. Wishing all the dad’s, grandad’s, male carers a very Happy Father’s Day on Sunday.


We are gearing up for a busy end to the school year, starting with STEAM week next week. There are trips planned, so let’s hope the weather behaves.

STEAM week: Next week we have an exciting array of activities planned for this week, designed to inspire students into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering & Entrepreneurship, Art, and Maths. I’ve been asked to put a request out to families to send in recyclable junk as there is a Junk Modelling competition planned.


End of year awards/trophies

If your child/young person received an award last year, please could you return it to the office?



Thursday 20th June: 9.30-11.00 FoPHS meeting. In person or online.

Here are the links to the calendars:

Online Safety:

The link to the Online safety information can be found on the school website under the heading “Parent and carers area”, then “online safety” from the dropdown menu.

More of indirect focus this week on reporting online issues online and signposting where to go especially with upcoming politics/euro football and just in general often find us telling students how to report issues online.

Keeping Our Children Safe Online: Reporting Issues

As parents of young children navigating the digital world, it’s essential to ensure their online safety. While the internet offers many learning opportunities and fun activities, it’s necessary to be vigilant and know how to handle any issues that arise. Here is a simple guide on reporting online issues to help you protect your child’s online experience.

You can find the link to this, and previous weekly online blogs below:

Information: The Local Offer.

What is it, where can you find it and what should be included? I will provide links to all Local Authorities who currently send students to Percy Hedley School. I know that many of you know exactly what this is, but often when I mention it in relation to local activities etc I am met with a puzzled look.

Information: Free literacy workshop for parents/carers

Julie, one of our SaLT’s recommended this free course for parents/carers: Supporting literacy in the home: Tuesday 25th June 2024 10-12.00. Find out more information below:

Activities: Smile Through Sport

I will be sharing what information I have on summer clubs, activities etc and if parents have links or know of anything, as always please share with me.

Activities: Alan Shearer Centre

This fantastic venue seems to have weekly weekend activities I have noticed.

Activities: Icebox Youth Club for those aged 16-25

Are you aged 16-25 and looking for something to do this Summer? Then why not join our Radio Stars Summer Camp for LD & autistic young people in Newcastle & have your voice heard on Nova Radio North East! Email for more information.

Activities: Inspire Youth Group

This is a new group for those aged 14+ Details on the poster.

Activities: Northern Lights Newcastle

Don’t shoot the messenger! I’m going to share some Christmas linked activities over the next few weeks. This is because many sell out early. So, here’s the first of the Christmas events. 20% discount for early bookings is a good enough reason to share now.

FoPHS News

FoPHS News: School Photos

If you would like a copy of the digital images sent to you, please could you donate on a pay-as-you-feel suggested minimum of £5. This can be done via the QR code below, or cash sent in and addressed to me. I will then send the digital images to you.

FoPHS News: Caravan Break

We will do the draw for the caravan break on Thursday during the meeting. If you have yet to purchase a number, at £3 to support the work of FoPHS, you still have time. Just let me know if you send in cash. The easiest way is via the QR code on the poster below. 3-4 nights at a Caravan at Cresswell Towers.

Facebook Group

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It’s Carers Week, who would have known during an election campaign? Anyhow, here are my motivational words of wisdom for the week.


“Taking care of yourself is a crucial first step in being able to care for someone else. Being aware of your own needs and taking steps to prioritise your wellbeing, helps to show love, generosity, and empathy towards others. It’s important to remember that taking care of ourselves is not a selfish act, but rather a necessary one that allows us to show up fully for others.”


Contact details:

Eileen Robinson: Family Liaison Officer


Telephone: 0191 2161811 ext. 3260.