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Hi everyone

We have a hugely full blog for you this week! The term is well under way and there is so much going on! I’ve even left some things out. From Chinese Lunch to great sport, and fun facts about Starlings, there’s something for everybody in this one. In fact I don’t have much space to say anything here, so I’m just going to say hi, thanks for joining us here, don’t forget Eileen’s blog and the Foundation’s social media – and most importantly, have a lovely weekend!

John & the PHS Team


Here’s a Nice Thing to start us off this Week

Something very important from Lena that’s crucial on two levels

On Friday 3rd February our students will be taking part in some small activities throughout the day to partake in Number Day! The NSPCC Number Day is about appreciating maths and having fun with numbers whilst also coming together to raise awareness for the fight against child abuse

We continue to use NSPCC resources to provide our students with the most update PSHE and safeguarding education

Some fun activities you could do at home

  • Count how many clouds you can see
  • Baking
  • Measure a distance with your feet
  • Sing ’10 green bottles’
  • Shopping within a budget


This is great, Lena, thanks very much. It sounds like something everyone can get behind for both Maths and NSPCC reasons

Governors and MOVE

It was lovely to have Governors in school this week to enjoy presentations from staff on Reading and MOVE. A really nice atmosphere, and we do have very good governors!

Here is some very good and interesting stuff about MOVE as well from Steph

Rahme and Lizzie’s class have been channelling their inner explorer during their MOVE to Learn session: ‘Rumble in the Jungle!’ They’ve been banging the jungle drums, swinging through the trees, creeping through the Jungle grass and stomping through the mud! Take a look and be wowed at their fantastic motor skills!

Toby is King of the Swingers! He was an extra cheeky monkey…. ‘Swinging’ through the trees, throwing ‘bananas’ at the other monkeys on the mat whilst practicing his balancing skills!

Chloe is slithering through the jungle grass – just look at that head control! She even tried to coil her legs up like a snake in some crossed leg sitting. Well done Chloe!

Check out Wren, she has been practicing her 4-point kneeling, creeping through the jungle like a tiger, weight bearing through her hands and knees! She even took an opportunity to take a break and smile at the camera just for the Blog!!

And although not strictly a jungle animal…. Check out Teddy standing tall like a Giraffe!!


More to look forward to in coming weeks regarding reading, as we will be hosting an Usborne Book Fair on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th February 2023. We have been enjoying some of Usborne’s resources in school through our other events this year and we’re pleased to get further opportunities to share some more lovely books around school!

Keep an eye out for a letter with all of the information you need, but for now add the date in your diary. Happy Reading!


Thanks for working with us on attendance, and particularly because our attendance has improved! What’s so nice about that is that we are doing so many lovely things in school every day, and we want our pupils to be a part of that as much as they possibly can. A huge part of that is down to you guys, so huge thanks for working on that with us

One way that you have done that is in submitting the Absence Request Forms, which I very much appreciate. Obviously the answers aren’t always what people want to read, but we have to go through the processes that have been laid down, and do it properly. I appreciate the engagement

Please do look at the draft policy on the website too; thanks again


Outdoor Learning Excellent Stuff of the Week

From Hannah


A reminder that it’s RSBP Big Garden Bird Watch this weekend. Scroll down to the end for an image of it


Lower school students have been sent home with packs detailing how they can take part in this should they wish to do so, but also extra information can be found on the RSPB website

I have also signed us up to the Big School Birdwatch, which will take place up until 20th Feb which KS2 classes will be helping with this

Random Outdoor Learning Fact of the Week: Starlings (the bird, not the class) can make lots of sounds, including whistles, quacking like a duck and making the noise of a barking dog or car alarm


Excellent stuff, Hannah, thanks for the Random Fact, which we should obviously include every week!


The Skylarks thought we may all like some photos of Chloe in this week’s blog. She has been working extremely hard on her VOCA to communicate in lessons and even harder in PE using her walker! Everyone is very proud of her!


Lesson of the Week – The Galaxy with Kingfishers


Love the Kingfishers! Great Class! As described by Hannah


This term, Kingfishers are exploring the theme of ‘Galaxy’.  We’ve already started having so much fun, going on space adventures and imagining what it would be like to blast off into space.  In ‘Move to Learn’ we have been using the Big Macks to start the countdown, and pressing switches to get the engines roaring into life.  We have visited the Experia Room to find distant stars using our UV torches and fought off aliens with our blasters!  We have really enjoyed our new galaxy playlist, which includes, ‘Walking on the Moon’ by the Police, ‘Space Man’ by Sam Ryder and of course, the ever popular ‘Star Trekkin’ by The Firm, (our favourite!) The link is below if you fancy a space boogie!

I can confirm that all these songs are completely bangin’! And to top it off, here’s George exploring Outer Space. Excellent class, excellent lesson, excellent theme!


Another Fabulous Lesson of the Week


Love this kind of thing, and it’s really important too. This is from Mandy

These two photos are of Jamie and Grace’s sketched scenarios. The post-16 drama group have been planning, sketching and performing short scenarios about bullying. They have learned the importance of an active bystander, and how quick intervention in the first few seconds can reduce bullying by at least 78%

Trip of the Week – Seaton Delaval


As described by Kat


Great to see some really interesting trips out


This morning a group of KS4 and post-16 students took a visit to the NHS Manufacturing and Innovation Hub where they were holding a careers fair. The group visited all the stalls and learned about the many roles involved in the NHS. They asked questions and explored the interactive activities as well as picking up a few freebies along the way, of course.  They even met NHS staff who use to work for the foundation! It was a very successful trip to enhance our student’s awareness, of working life possibilities as they prepare for adulthood

Stars of the Week!


With added School Values!

OK, here we go……………


The ELTBA Star of the Week is…..Teamwork with Aurora!!!

Aurora shows fantastic teamwork! She is always helping her friends and the adults, from helping tidy up the classroom to getting juice for her friends. She is a massive STAR!!!!!!!!! Well done, Aurora! Anybody would want you in their class!


ACCREDITATION Stars of the Week!


Some great ones this week, showing all our school values of resilience, teamwork and respect. Well done guys, great stuff! STAR Quality all round!!!


Kara completed an accessibility audit at Bellway homes with Andrea. She was amazing, very respectful to staff and received some very positive feedback from

Kerry, the Project Manager

“Kara was amazing today a real ambassador for the school and Andrea a true professional a real privilege for me to spend time in their company”



Finny is showing great resilience and working so hard on his multiplication.  He has even asked for extra help. Well done Finny!!



Ben for showing amazing resilience and having a really positive attitude.

Also Happy 18th Birthday Ben!!!!



James for showing fantastic resilience, commitment and determination while making a fantastic U Boat. Amazing!!

ENGAGEMENT Star of the Week! Resilience with Amelie!

Amelie the STAR eating something lovely and probably Chinese!



Amelie has worked really hard over lots of weeks to improve a lot of things that are important to her but which are sometimes hard, and take quite a bit of learning. She has practiced every day and can now do a much wider variety of things, including eating & drinking and in other areas. Get in there with those spring rolls, sausages and different fruits. Yum! STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Therapy Star of the Week!


This is such a good feature!


Abi is the Therapy Star of the Week!


For being courageous and doing brilliant work in physiotherapy. Brilliant, Abi, everyone is so proud of you! STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Makaton Signs of the Week

International Day of Education – school learn work play

Here’s the video

Sports News of the Week!

A busy two weeks for the PE department starting with 6 students from KS2 going along to a School Games primary Boccia competition playing against 5 other schools. Not only did the students play well Isaac ended up refereeing and what a super job he did!

Some students from post-16 completed their expedition walk. They went to Derwent Walk Country Park and walked just over 3 miles, stopping to put up a tent and making hot chocolate on the Trangia

Hedleys football team played fantastically well this week both Santi and Finley having some excellent shots at goal with Finley managing to put one in the back of the net. Think it might have been the new Hedleys football strips

And finally…..Chinese New Year Lunch! With our amazing Catering Team!


Huge thanks and well done to our amazing Catering Team for the Chinese New Year special lunch yesterday. Everyone loved it! Those dishes really were gorgeous! Huge thanks to Sue, Mark, Blanche and the whole team. They went down really well. Those dim sum!

This was the menu


And these were some of the dishes

Mmmmmmm, spring rolls……………………………………

I wanted to put another picture of the catering team in like I have before but they are a lovely fair bunch and they weren’t all there, so I’ll put a picture of them all in another time. Thanks to them – they’re the best!


All the very best to all of you at home, from all of us here at the school


from John & the Team here at PHS