MOVE session for parents

In the summer term on the 6th July 10am-11am we are going to hold a parent/carer session in which we will discuss the MOVE programme. The aim is to provide an overview and answer the following questions:

• What the Move Programme is?
• How is it implemented at Percy Hedley School?
• What have we learnt in our first year of MOVE?
• It will be an opportunity for families to ask questions to the move co-ordinators.

We would appreciate you expressing interest on this form and provide a preference of whether it is in school event / on TEAMS and therefore recorded.

If there is anything else relating to MOVE which you would like us to cover in addition to what is outlined above, then please do pop this on the form, or feel free to contact us in advance of the session via email on: or

Tina and Sophie, MOVE Coordinators