Each pupil follows our admissions process to ensure we meet their needs and they succeed in our school.

Bespoke learning to meet a range of needs

Our school team will spend time finding out what your child enjoys, and what they are interested in so that their interests are integrated into their learning experience. This will work alongside the meeting the needs and target areas for learning and development that are set out in their individual Education and Healthcare Plan.

Once your child joins Percy Hedley School, you will be involved in discussions about their education on a regular basis. For example through home-school diaries and annual reviews.

We support pupils to help them feel safe, settled and ready to learn at school. We also have a Family Liaison Officer who can support you as your child settles into school and throughout their learning journey.

We cater for pupils age 3 to 19 with a range of needs including the following:

  • Cerebral palsy or motor delay/disorder, including a range of associated problems, for example sensory, perceptual, auditory and visual
  • Head injuries
  • Genetic disorders resulting in motor impairment.
  • Receptive, expressive and pragmatic language difficulties
  • Autism and Communication Difficulties
  • Visual Impairment and Blind
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Admissions Procedure

The first step of the admissions process is to make a referral to the school. A parent or family member can make the referral directly, the local authority or other organisations supporting a child can make the referral.

When making a referral please provide us with as much information as you’re able to about your child, in order to assist us you will also be asked to share with us a copy of the child’s current EHC Plan.

Once we have received your referral, our school admissions team will contact you in a timely manner to discuss appropriate next steps, whether that be a visit into our school or for our team to observe your child in their current setting.

You can submit your referral via this form  >

Next Steps

If we think we might be able to meet the child’s need we will make contact at our earliest convenience. We may arrange an appointment for a member of our school admissions team to visit the child in their current setting or at home, or we may invite the student and family into school for a visit.

The range and severity of the educational needs of children at Percy Hedley School varies from those who require intensive work to help them learn basic foundation skills such as moving, looking and listening to engage in learning activities, to those who are able to attain more highly but would benefit from our trans-disciplinary approach.

How To Get Referred

We are happy to receive referrals directly from a child’s parent or family member, using the form below, and also from other bodies or agencies; for example:

  • NHS professionals
  • Children’s Services
  • Education authorities
  • Voluntary agencies
  • Parent partnership services

MOVErs And Explorers

MOVErs & Explorers is a free pre-school support group at Percy
Hedley School providing a range of fun, nurturing, sensory based
programmes. It utilises Movement Opportunities Via Education
and aims to work in partnership with parents to provide high
quality early years education to develop their child’s physical,
cognitive, social and communication skills via explorative play.

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