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Our Curriculum

Learning Skills Through Engagement Pathway

Accreditation Pathway

Preparation For Adulthood

Post 16 Education

Our curriculum intends to offer pupils a rich and balanced curriculum, providing them the opportunity to develop in all areas of their lives. Every opportunity is seized to help pupils make sense of their world, develop knowledge skills and understanding relevant to their lived experiences and support their communication, independence, and physical and mental wellbeing.

Core Purpose

We believe the core purpose of Percy Hedley School is to engage, enable and empower every pupil to optimise their future life chances.


Therapy Support

Percy Hedley School offers a unique approach to education by delivering an integrated approach of education, therapy and care. The school employs speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who work alongside teachers to deliver high quality education to children and to support their wider, individual therapy needs.

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Staffing and Care

Our staff have a wealth of experience and qualifications in teaching and caring for pupils with Special Educational Needs. With Special Educational Needs Teachers, Special Support Assistants, through to various therapists, clinical care and nurses.

Teachers and support assistants are brilliant in providing appropriate support to meet the needs of our pupils and establish a positive and engaging learning environment. The education staff consists of a stable and experienced team and the professional development of teachers and teaching assistants is supported through regular internal and external training.