Each year all the students in Key Stage 2 and above have the opportunity to put their name forward to join the student council. All nominated students are put into an election. All the students in school get to vote for who they would like to represent them as the next student council.

The student council meets on a regular basis to discuss any agenda items and review actions from previous meetings. The meetings are also used to plan any forthcoming activities or fundraising opportunities in conjunction with the PTA.

This year the chair of the student council has been co-opted onto the PTA. All members of the student council will work with the PTA on fund raising projects such as the 5p challenge, the 100 club raffle and the annual Mother’s Day sale. The student council works closely with the PTA to discuss where they feel that funds should be spent in school to enhance the lives of students within Percy Hedley and to discuss future ideas and events that they would like to plan.

The student council gives pupils the opportunity to have their voices heard and to feel they can make a valued contribution to their school and the student community. It gives the pupils the responsibility to record and present the views of their peers and practice social communication skills, speaking and listening skills and to improve their confidence with peers and staff.



Our student council have this year been involved in several projects to support the school and include student voice within our school decisions.  Pupils have been involved in a panel for the interviews that have taken place this year including the new safeguarding lead, new teachers and new therapists.

Pupils have also been involved in the redesign of our student friendly guidance documents for both our anti bullying policy and for our safeguarding guidance.  Pupils were involved in the design and creation of these documents, and the addition of these to classroom and information notice boards.

Pupils have also been completing a site safety plan, where they worked with the DSL team to ensure that were we aware of any areas of school where they felt less safe, nervous or anxious and explained what we could do to make this better for them.  These included areas of school that were darker and a bit ‘spooky’!  Discussion around areas within the outdoor areas where footballs are being used and the safety around this, as well as being able to see strangers through the fence and what we could do to make this feel better.  It was wonderful to work through this project with the students and was a very valuable experience for everyone involved.