“This Is Me” at Percy Hedley School

Students and staff at Percy Hedley School celebrated diversity and individuality with their “This Is Me” festival-style event. Everyone across the school wore the clothes that best described their personality, and dedicated the day to just being themselves.

With music, dancing, games, fancy dress and ice cream, everyone enjoyed a fantastic day in the sun.

On the afternoon, there was a “This Is Me” parade march, where students proudly marched showing off their amazing outfits and flags, and were even joined by two local drag queens – Wendy Towers and Gloria Love.

There was also an impromptu cat walk with anyone who felt like it – students really enjoyed this, and to get to walk down with the drag queens was extra special. By the end of it, everyone’s cheeks were hurting from smiling too much!

Leanne and Jo, who organised the event, had held a similar event last year during COVID, but were only able to do this within class bubbles. They were really pleased with the outcome of the day, to see everyone laughing, smiling and embracing their personalities, brought a sense of huge sense of achievement for them.