This is Me 2023 at Percy Hedley School

Percy Hedley School celebrated their This is Me mini-festival on July 7th 2023, celebrating everyone's differences. See how it went!

For National School Diversity week, Percy Hedley School held their very own This is Me event. It’s the third year of the event, beginning in class bubbles during 2021 and progressing even better in the years after.

The festival-style event celebrated diversity and individuality, allowing students to embrace their disabilities, sexualities and religions. It aimed to promote equality, challenge stereotypes and encourage tolerance in school. The event also allowed students to further study and develop knowledge of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum.

Each student received a wristband upon entry, and they all had a blast when they tried the various stations around. There were fashion catwalks, theatre and dance workshops, games and a tuckshop to enjoy. Music blasted throughout the day, with karaoke sessions in between.


The day ended with a whole school parade around the yard, with cheering, music and laughter in the air as they walked round.

You can see how happy they were in the photos below: