Residential Roundup

Our residentials have also had a busy year so far, take a look at some of the highlights.


Jenny on the News

Jenny Young, who is our oldest resident here at the Foundation, appeared on the news to talk about the last 70 years of being with the charity. She began with the first set of residents back in 1953 and marvels about how much has changed.

Sports Day

Chipchase held a fantastic sports day, full of fun, laughter and games such as tug of war and wheelchair races. There was even ice cream and refreshments to cool down afterwards.

Goth Day

Residents and staff got involved with International Goth Day! What do you think of some of their outfits and makeup?!

Beach Trips

With the summer weather, residents and staff enjoyed hitting the waves. The beach wheelchairs and hoists from Beach Access North East were a great help to ensure that everyone got to experience the water.


Zoo Party

To celebrate Emma’s birthday, Leybourne hosted a Zoo themed party. Residents had a lot of fun dressing up as well as using face paint.

#PaintTheToon Purple

Leybourne joined in with the #PaintTheToon Purple festivities on May 19th. This was a fundraiser to celebrate Percy Hedley, and everyone joined in by wearing purple. Leybourne went even further and had a garden party.

Coronation Events

To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, Leybourne had a buffet. They also had fun with costumes and cardboard cut outs.



Residents and staff had a wonderful break away to Blackpool. There, they had fun site seeing and going to the arcades.

The Hoppings

When the Hoppings came to Newcastle, residents jumped at the chance to go. They enjoyed all the rides and had a fun day out.

Trips Out

Throughout the year, Wansbeck has been on various trips. These include trips bowling at Gutterball, trips to the Baltic, walks down to Ouseburn and many more.

Tyne House

Proms at the Park

Gen and Peter went to Proms at the Park and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


Tyne House has had fun celebrating different birthdays this year, in particular Nigel’s.

Days Out

From going out to an activity centre or going to the museum, residents of Tyne House have had various day’s out. David even went to feed the ducks.