Platinum Jubilee Celebrations across the Foundation

We’ve had weeks of celebrations here at the Foundation as we commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for 70 years’ service as British Monarch.

Percy Hedley School

Pupils at Percy Hedley School celebrated with a Big Jubilee Lunch before they broke up for half term. The corridors and halls were decorated with bunting and paper chains that students had made themselves while they are gathered to enjoy sandwiches and cakes. Some students dressed up in red, white and blue like the British flag, while others wore crowns they had crafted themselves! There was a real feeling of togetherness, especially after a difficult couple of years.


Residential services had a great time to celebrate the Jubilee. There was plenty of food to go round, with amazing decorations. Residents from Wansbeck had a BBQ in the sunshine, with burgers and party music. Leybourne had a mighty buffet for their jubilee celebrations. Chipchase had the Queen over for the day, and Tyne House went out in the sun. The cupcakes from our residential parties are making everyone else at the foundation jealous of not being in attendance!

Northern Counties School

From making crowns, to painting the Union Jack, Northern counties were up to everything artsy for the Jubilee. There was plenty of activities going on throughout the day – its safe to say there was plenty of red, blue and white paint used. Not to mention having the picnic in the park afterwards, which was lots of fun for students, staff and parents!

College & Horizons

College and Horizons wore some lovely hats to pay tribute for the Jubilee, there was some great contenders that would give Queen Elizabeth a run for her money! Everyone was laughing and smiling wearing their red, blue and white outfits which was a lot of fun.