Pip, former PHS student, achieves Learning Disability and Autism Leader status

Pip, who used to attend Percy Hedley School, has taken our motto “Inspire, Believe, Achieve” to a whole new height.

She has been added to the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders List under Sports, Art & Entertainment for her amazing achievements in rock climbing.

Pip has severe learning and communication difficulties, autism, and cortical visual impairment as a result of the development condition DDX3X syndrome, and has been encouraging more people with learning difficulties to take up rock climbing. The Learning Disabilities category was removed as a para-climbing category in 2018 and what better way to campaign to get it re-instated than to show just how many people with learning disabilities want to do rock climbing.

Pip made a film with Benrigg Trust, to show that rock climbing is a safe and accessible sport for those with Autism and learning difficulties. The film won an award at Genetic Alliance UK. Pip also helped to start a learning disability and autism climbing festival.

Her mum, Clare Millington, got in touch with us to give special thanks to Pip’s PE Teacher, Helen Jackson, who tailored all lessons to each individuals needs and ability and has given Pip something she has been able to take to the next phase of life.

“Pip is now a strong minded, adventurous person. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious and it’s where she wants to be, as an advocate, a leader and a role model.  She’s a very deserving winner of a spot on the 2021 Leaders’ List.” – Lisa, Care Worker