News, Stars & Poppies from John & the PHS Team! – 10th November 2023

The whole school blog for 10th November 2023.

Hi everyone

I hope your half term break was good and that you managed, through the weather, Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and whatever else, to have a nice time. We’re glad to be back, and we have a 7-week half term leading up to Christmas. There’ll be a few things here leading up to Christmas, and we’ll do our best to share the calendar for all of these things as early and as clearly as we can. We’d love to see as many of you as possible, of course, although we know how hard it can be

In today’s blog there’s a couple of really interesting articles on Hearing Impairment and Occupational Therapy, as well as news of some of those special “weeks” that we have in schools – a lot of which seem to be happening at the same time! But no worries as they all kind of go well together I think. It’s actually Art Week this week, so I’ll try and get some news of that out next week when it’s all done and finished

Otherwise, do look at the usual features and of course the STARS!!! – the best bit!

All the best for a lovely weekend, and all the best for the season to you all

Take care


😊 from John & the PHS Team 😊

Literacy, Personal Development, Physical Development – our three Super Steering Groups

These three big Steering Groups deliver our curriculum – there’s a paper describing how it all works on the website if you want to read further. The Groups work on all the areas in these broad subjects to deliver the right things for our pupils. This is where a lot of exciting stuff is happening, so I can’t resist leading on it in the blogs. Here is the latest from those three groups, in the order they’re listed above


With The Literacy Squad! All Things Literacy!

Personal Development

There are lots of really fun and important “Weeks” and things in the diary for November, and many are linked to each other. Inter-faith week, Remembrance Day, Anti-Bullying – and a few others! They all kind of fit into our ethos and values. Here’s some info about a few

Physical Development

Steph oversees the Physical Development team’s exciting work One thing that’s included in Physical Development is the Hearing Impaired Service – let’s hear about it from Rachel now

Occupational Therapy Week

Hey, Occupational Therapy is a crucial part of PHS – Sam leads this team - and it’s OT Week this week as well as everything else! Here’s Zara with some info about it! And if you’re in school there’s a lovely display on the screen in the library, which is very informative too

Preparation For Adulthood - PfA


Safeguarding Update from Rebecca, the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Including the Online Safety blog from Maria!

School Lunches

You may remember in the summer term that we wrote to you explaining we are in the unfortunate position where due to increasing costs, we plan to begin charging for standard school meals.


Attendance is a big focus right across the country, and it’s been a focus of ours for a while now. It will almost certainly need to be for a while. Mark our Attendance Officer has been very active so far, and some of you may have been in contact with Mark

Updated Code of Conduct

Friends of PHS – the FoPHS!

LPPA - Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

This is from Tracy



KS4 STARS!!! Of The Week

And TREDS! Some really good stories in KS4 this week – well done everyone!

POST-16 STARS Of The Week!

What a terrific team of students we have in post-16 this year. Great atmosphere down there. Many Stars

Makaton Signs of the Week

Here’s Julie!


Back to school sign (welcome) and Remembrance Day signs

Welcome (you’re welcome)

Remembrance Day signs – remember, day, war, peace, soldier, poppy, November, 11, Sunday

Welcome (as in welcome back)

Okay – use for ‘you’re welcome’

Please watch the video for the Remembrance Day signs.

Keeeeeeep Signing everyone!


Events Calendar

The link to the calendar is here. We very much want to be giving you as much advance notice as possible of all the things that are happening.

All the very best to all of you at home, from all of us here at the school. Happy November and all the things that go with it!

…..from John & the Team here at PHS