Family Information and PTA News Friday 5th May 2023

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I’ve found it a little challenging remembering what day it is after the bank holiday! This week has been a flurry of preparing for the Coronation, culminating in a buffet celebration today. Our catering staff really do excel, especially when we have themed events in school. Wishing you all a Happy Coronation weekend.


This week’s E-Safety blog from Maria is about fake news. This can be found in the Parents and Carers section of the school website. Select E-Safety from the drop-down menu and scroll to the end where you will find the blogs. This one is under the heading Autism Awareness. There is a wealth of useful information and resources on our E-Safety section.

Here is the link to the E-Safety section:

Request from our Enterprise Group

P16 enterprise group 6LD are making dream catchers and windchimes.

We need:

Beads, keys, string, lollipop sticks, feathers, sticks, twigs, shells, bells, paper plates, spoons, empty sellotape holders, terracotta pots, twine, sea glass and anything else you can think of.  Please send to the school office or label it “for LD Class”

Thanking you in advance.

6LD  enterprise group.



Mencap Online Sessions:

I have shared in recent newsletters the online sessions on Deputyship, Wills and Trusts and the Mental Capacity Act which Mencap are facilitating. These are amongst the most common things raised by parents with me. I have had direct feedback now form 3 of our parents who attended, and their feedback is very positive. I would definitely urge parents to consider registering for these free events. There are frequent sessions on the first one below.

Planning for the future:

Decision Making (Mental Capacity Act)

Note that the first of these, and there are just 2 planned, is not until November 2023!

Contact for families of disabled children: Mental Capacity Act

If your disabled child lacks the mental capacity to manage their own finances, it’s important to consider the best ways to protect them before they move into adulthood.

Learn about your options at this free webinar on 24 May (England and Wales only)

It will be led by Renaissance Legal lawyer and disability specialist Philip Warford, who will discuss:

  • Mental capacity
  • Powers of attorney
  • Court of Protection


Social Care:

Another of the issues frequently raised with me is around Social Care. All students at Percy Hedley School have an EHCP, an Education led Education, Health and Care Plan. As such, all 3 needs should be considered, assessed and needs met in their plan. Parents/carers can ask for an assessment of social care needs for their child. This may lead to a request for a Personal Budget or Direct Payment to pay for services, usually a carer or Personal Assistant. Local Authorities have different criteria, but care needs should be assessed on an individual basis, not diagnosis led. Your Local Offer should lead you to your LA’s procedure. Both Contact-for families of disabled children and Mencap have good information, the latter includes how to challenge decisions.

Have a look at the links below:


Super 1’s Inclusive Cricket:


Is your child/young person aged 12-25 years? Would they like to try cricket; free, inclusive sessions. Although these were offered at school as an after-school activity the uptake was insufficient for them to continue. However, after half term we will try again as lunchtime clubs. In the meantime, there are clubs available in different areas. See poster below:

Email Sam at: for more information

True Colours:

Some of our younger students are attending a drama session on Thursday afternoons in school, run by this group. If you’d like to learn more of what this local group does, their classes etc please visit:


PTA News:

Your children/young people will receive a small memento to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles 3rd; you’ll notice it also commemorates 70 years of Percy Hedley Foundation. This has been funded by the PTA.

In readiness for next week’s PTA meeting, Thursday 11th May I’m asking if any parents would be willing/able to support our preparation for the Autumn Fair to be held on Saturday 30th September. We need a small subcommittee with experience and/or creativity to help make this a huge success. You are welcome to come into school for the meeting or join online with the link below.

Magic Show

With thanks to Chris Fewster Smith and her wonderful connections we had some magic shows in school today. Geared towards younger and engagement pathway students but open to all. If anyone would like more information on Izzy Wizzy, have a look at her website.

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