Family Information and FOPHS News Friday 10th November 2023

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Welcome back and I hope that you managed to do something nice over half term despite the weather. It’s not long till Christmas, always a lovely time of year at school.

This week I held an information session for parents/carers of Post 16 Students on the 16-19 bursary. It has been recorded for those who could not join in person or online and have requested it. Although the session is mainly about the 16-19 student bursary, most eligible students join the Post 16 residential trip and there were questions on this too. I’ll be asking for feedback on both the session, for those who attended, and the link for those who watch it. Application forms will be sent to those who requested them. If you haven’t, your child/young person is currently in Post 16, and you believe they may be eligible please get in contact with me. Link to information on the 16-19 bursary is here.

Odd Socks Day

Children in Need 2023

FoPHS Meeting: Thursday 16th November 9.30-11.00

Kids Take Part in Cycle to Space Challenge

Online Safety

The link to the Online safety information can be found on the school website under the heading “Parent and carers area”, then “online safety” from the dropdown menu.

MENCAP: Preparing for the future & Wills and Trusts

Following on from the Post 16 session on the bursary, I was reminded of the sessions held by MENCAP for parents/carers of children with additional needs.

Toby Henderson Trust

I receive regular updates from them. If you are interested here is some information on it.

Benefits Post Sixteen

I have, over time had many discussions with parents/carers about benefits Post 16. At, or soon after their 16th birthday, those receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will be moved to Personal Independence Payment (PIP). As I have covered this before, I won’t add to that now.

Durham and District Leisure Group

I’ve shared before, but every now and then I receive updates and think some families may be interested, so I make no apologies for sharing when I’ve seen a Pantomime advertised at a low cost and a Tennis taster session.

Science At Life

I have previously share information on their current event; the link is below.

Tim Lamb Centre

Again, I have shared information on the Tim Lamb Centre in previous blogs, and when there is something new, I update you.

FoPHS News

I normally try to find something relevant or inspirational to end each blog. This week is no different:

Contact details

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