Our promise to you

At Percy Hedley, we are committed to ensuring our fundraising activities are legal, honest, transparent and respectful, and that the supporters who fundraise in aid of us are valued, informed and supported.

Our Fundraising Policy below explains how Percy Hedley approaches fundraising, including our ethical, legal and social responsibilities.  It covers fundraising activities undertaken by Percy Hedley staff, registered volunteers, parents and families, individuals, companies and members of the public.

COVID-19 UPDATE – January 2021

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Fundraising Regulator has issued guidelines for fundraising activities that are regularly updated.

Percy Hedley follows these guidelines closely to ensure our fundraising activities are responsible and in the best interests of the charity, and safe for everyone involved.

If you have any queries about our fundraising activities during the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact:

The Fundraising Team at

Email: fundraising@percyhedley.org.uk

Tel: 07712676107

A printable version of our Fundraising Policy is available here:

Percy Hedley Fundraising Policy Version 5.0 Jan 2021