Volunteering Success at Northern Counties School

Recently, volunteers from Virgin Money and TSG went to Northern Counties School and cleaned up various sites around the school.

On a freezing cold Autumn morning, 4 volunteers from Virgin Money arrived to clear and clean the children’s play park area at Northern Counties School.

It was leaf strewn, muddy and with brambles climbing over the fence and dirty play equipment, it was not a pleasant area for the children to use. Esther, Lyn, Keri, and Craig did an amazing job clearing leaves and mud, cutting back brambles and ivy and scrubbing down the play equipment.

After 6 hours, lots of bags of rubbish and fuelled by a lovely school dinner the results speak for themselves! The children were waiting outside to get in an be able to play safely again in their ‘new’ play area.

The volunteers all said they had enjoyed the day and been very well looked after with lots of ideas for future visits being discussed over a hot drink at the end of the day. They commented on how lovely the school was and that they couldn’t wait to come back, especially on a ‘Roast dinner’ Wednesday!

On Wednesday 25th October, a group of volunteers from TSG came into Northern Counties School to clear and clean an unloved, overgrown space in their gardens, which will then be transformed into a sensory garden in the Spring.

Richard G , David, Rachael, Oliver, Jake, and Richard A did not let the wet weather deter them and completed the task to such a high standard. They cleared, swept, cut back, dug over and even unearthed an unknown patio area as well as lovely little stone frog! The wooden carved animals in the garden showed their true colours at last and the space was revealed at the end of the day. The volunteers were welcomed to the school by Jan Young Volunteer Development Manager and Martin Lonergan the Headteacher, who ensured the volunteers had lots of support as well as a fantastic school lunch!  All the volunteers expressed that they would come back again and would like to find other ways to support The Foundation. Thank you to all! 

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