Residential Home Changes – Trips / Visiting

The government has recently announced some changes to the Covid-19 rules for visitors and trips out of residential care homes.


Residents can now have up to 5 nominated visitors, with a maximum of 2 visitors at once or in one day.  We have already put this change in place across our homes.

All visits must be booked in advance so that we can safely manage visitor numbers to each home and all visitors must follow our visitor policy to help us keep everyone safe.  This includes taking an LFD test to confirm you don’t have COVID-19, wearing PPE and limiting physical contact with your loved one.


Residents can now also make trips away from the care home without self-isolating on return to do the following:

  • Outdoor visits to parks, beaches or gardens (residents can go indoors to use the toilet).
  • Go to work or take part in education or training.
  • For medical appointments such as GP appointments, excluding overnight stays in hospital.
  • To take part in other activities necessary to maintain an individual’s health and wellbeing (for example, going to a day centre or to a place of worship).

Some residents may need staff support during trips away from the home (this will be identified in their visiting plan).

Residents can travel in one of their 5 nominated visitors’ vehicles. When travelling windows should be open and anyone travelling with the resident should wear face masks which we will provide.

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