Nurses’ Day 2022

As part of Nurses’ Day 2022, we’re celebrating the incredible difference nursing staff make to patients’ lives across the UK by sharing our own stories showcasing the very #BestOfNursing.

Despite working through challenging circumstances, nursing staff continue to go above and beyond to deliver highly skilled, safety-critical care every single day.

Percy Hedley Foundation have an experienced team of Registered Nurses working in our educational services.  They work tirelessly to support their colleagues, students, service users and families throughout the year.  They have been recognised by the NHS for their excellent work, to name a few, in continence advice, sexual health and immunisation services.

Our Foundation Nursing Team provide an outstanding learning environment for Student Nurses and have been awarded a top marks ‘excellent’ score for their support from Northumbria University as well as achieving NHS ‘You’re Welcome’ accreditation.

Here we have:

Lindsay Louise Elliott

Lindsay is Percy Hedley Foundation Lead Nurse who writes and oversees clinical policies and procedures as well as supporting the School Nursing Teams.  Lindsay also supports Hedleys College, Horizons and The Hub.  Lindsay supports Central Services with clinical advice and input and has an interest in streamlining services, service improvement,  nutrition, and health.  Lindsay works with Northumbria University and is a Practice Supervisor and Assessor, including being on the panel for Student Nurse interviews.

Lisa Logan

Lisa is one of the very experienced  Registered Nurses who is a School Nurse at Percy Hedley School.  Lisa has an interest in improving links with the NHS and improving services and has used her extensive experience to support education staff, especially with training and clinical skills.  Lisa has recently been involved with improving links with the regional continence teams and this has resulted in a joint documentation, which has been a huge achievement.  Lisa has recently been involved with medicine administration improvement in School and empowering staff through training, support, and advice.

Karen Loughney

Karen is one of the Registered Nurses who is a School Nurse at Percy Hedley School.  Karen is a very experienced and knowledgeable nurse, who uses her expertise to support education staff care for the children in school.  Karen has an interest in emotional support and health promotion and has taken the nursing service forwards with her service improvement ideas such as working more in the classrooms alongside the education staff. Karen has recently been involved with improving medication administration in School and is working towards a whole new system in September.

Laura White

Laura is an experienced Registered Nurse who is a School Nurse at Northern Counties School.  Laura uses her experience from working with a wide range of services, in a range of environments, to enhance the long-term health impacts for the children at School.  Laura has an interest in child and adolescent mental health, developing life skills and is a keen advocate for the STOMP campaign.  Laura has recently been working to build up relationships with the NHS and was recently commended by the NHS for her work around immunisations.