Message from John and the Team, Friday 10th June 2022

Hi everyone,

It’s good to be back, especially for the nicest half term – the second half of the summer. This is where activities and all come into their own, and we start to turn our thoughts to September arrangements as well. There’s a lot going on that doesn’t even make the blog! And the school feels lively and busy, which I like

I hope there’s something that interests you in the blog from the team this week – there’s Makaton, reading, MOVE and some lovely lessons. There are also a few invites to you for various things, so hopefully we will start to get to see more of you in the school, after a long time when that hasn’t really happened

Have a lovely weekend, it’s great to have your son or daughter in school, and thanks for all your support for our community. Very best

Chris sent me this picture! Thanks Chris!

You Said, We Listened: Parent View

Do go over and look at Eileen’s blog too, if you haven’t already – there’s always some good stuff there, like stuff on the Fathers’ Day sale and the Coffee Afternoon. Enjoy that!

Eileen also sent out a Parent View questionnaire; thanks for getting those back to us – we’ll have a look at what comes back and see what it all says and means. Please do let us know about the things that concern you

Achievement & Progress: Parent Consultations, and Coffee & Catch-up

  • The new Parent/Carer Consultations are from the 27th June to the 8th July
  • Please do book an appointment at a convenient time during this two week period, face-to-face or on Teams, whatever suits you. We anticipate that about twenty minutes will be enough
  • The teacher will go through the work that’s been done and how your child has been doing, and anything else that’s relevant too, like Key Drivers, Annual Review targets, safeguarding or perhaps e-safety or other training that you would like
  • We plan to do one of those every term, towards the end of each term
  • The Coffee & Catch-up sessions are more informal are what used to be the Coffee Mornings. Again, these will be three times a year, but in the first half of each term

Achievement & Progress 2: End of Year Reports

The teachers are just gearing up to write these now, and you’ll notice that the format is based on the Key Drivers that you’ve been working with us on through the topics that we’ve been teaching in school. We hope that these reports will be useful and meaningful to you, and that you’ll enjoy reading them. They won’t be out for a while yet though!

The Wheel


Reading’s a real priority here, and we want to involve you as much as possible

·        Wednesday 22nd June 9:30- 11am – An introduction to phonics and Essential Letters & Sounds

·        We invite parents to join us in the school hall for a cup of tea or coffee and an introduction to how we teach reading within Percy Hedley. Sounds good

Therapy Focus – MOVE to Learn – How’s The Weather?

This half term Parrots are learning about the weather in their MOVE to Learn session with Steph and Sophie. They had lots of opportunities to practise their standing and sitting skills, as well creating opportunities to practice their fine motor skills when ‘dressing for the weather!’

For their warm-up, they all practised standing up to look outside so we could work out ‘How’s the weather today?’ (and for the record… it was cloudy!). Here’s Abi and Wren doing a great job!

Then, they all had a chance to roll the weather dice, and whatever weather it landed on, they had to search for props around the room to dress themselves appropriately!

After that they had to dress their body template by picking appropriate clothing from the washing to ensure they too were dressed appropriately for the weather!

Can you guess which weather Toby had to dress for? I’ll give you a clue, we sprayed him with water to make it more authentic!!

Can you guess what weather Abi dressed for? Here’s a sneaky clue from Toby and Wren!!

Can you guess which weather Chloe and Teddy were dressing for? Here’s another clue – they wore sun cream!!

And here is Wren… the clue for this one is that they all practiced their breathing (blowing!) to make the pinwheel spin to replicate the weather Wren was dressing for!

 Class of the Week – Starlings!

 Well, even although I haven’t managed to see it myself yet, the fabulous Starlings have got a really nice new Reading Area in their nest – I mean, room! Check out some of these pictures of a great class.

Another Great Class!

This week the Grouse made some fresh fruit salad during their cookery lesson. They were given lots of choice over the fruit to include in their fruit salads from a wide range including pineapple, kiwi, apples, grapes, melon and pears. Yum! A Healthy Yum!

The KS4 Outdoor Learning group has been doing some mini-beast hunting using a range of methods. They then made some sculptures of mini-beasts using clay and natural materials.

Another lesson of the week – Puffins!

Oscar and Oliver made the most of the beautiful weather and they enjoyed reading a story in the garden today. Lovely stuff, and just what you want in June.

Another Fabulous Thing That Happened

We’re always really grateful when the PTA does the things they do and funds things. After the online production ‘Hope’, and Eileen’s collected some comments from the students

  • Calum: It was alright and made me think
  • Benjamin: It taught us to never give up hope and don’t let the bullies get to us
  • It was alright and interesting
  • Andrew: I felt ok about it. I enjoyed it I know what to do when someone bullies me
  • I just found it ok

Always very nice to hear from the children – thanks guys, all who were involved

VOCA News!

Here’s a picture of Ameen using his VOCA. Ameen’s been putting different words together to do the things he wants to do, like ask questions and talk about lunch! Excellent!


And although he isn’t in the right section here, Ameen is also one of the Engagement Pathway’s STAR!!! of the week for developing his communication skills so well. Not only has he been using his voice, he’s also using his VOCA to express his needs by using two-word sentences!

That’s real progress right there: congratulations Ameen!

Ameen: Star of the Week!


Sunflower Watch with Woodpeckers!

OK, now I know what you’re thinking……………….you’re thinking that these aren’t actual sunflowers. Now this is true, but a number of points. First they are lovey, aren’t they, and they are the class’s 3D model representations of the flowers themselves. Now there is some proper learning there, nice one Woodpeckers!

The other thing is that someone very kind had taken these home for half term, so we’ll be able to catch up with the real ones next week! Some great work from Woodpeckers there! Nice one guys!

Makaton Signs of the Week




All gone

Engagement Star of the Week

Gracey has been working hard on a number of self-help skills and is becoming more independent every day! Here is a picture of her practising them. She was so proud of her work and wanted to show everyone how great she is! Keep it up Gracey!!

Mattie has been working super hard in the magic carpet room this week. He has been doing some work followed by a nice relax, movement and stretch on the mat. He is expert at operating the projection screen and uses the touch pad and keyboard to navigate between some of his favourites! Well done Mattie!!

ELTBA Star of the Week

This week we would love to give our ELTBA Star of the week to the amazing Abi in Parrots.  Abi has shown a great deal of resilience in trying new equipment to help her access ICT more and hasn’t given up even though it was all new to her.  Everyone thinks she is a total STAR!!!  Well Done Abi!



***** STOP PRESS: we’ll have some news on girls’ football next week! *****


Finally…..Our first PROM! PROM #1!

I’m doing the punch!

Finally finally…..

Summer Fair, 16th July! Also on Eileen’s blog! Can’t wait!

All the very best to all of you, from all of us here. Here’s to a really lovely last half term of the year – with good weather hopefully!

John & the Team