Last Minute GNR Training and Fundraising Tips

There is just 1 month left to go before Great North Run 2023! If you're starting to get anxious about the upcoming run, check out some of our last minute training and fundraising tips.

With just a month to go until the Great North Run in September, those preparing to hit the Quayside may be starting to feel the burn.  
But don’t worry, we have a few last-minute tips both for training and for fundraising that could make a world of difference.  

Training Tips 

1. Avoid being too hard on yourself if you haven’t rigidly stuck to the training programme you set yourself earlier.

Life and family commitments get in the way. Ideally you should be training at least twice a week, a mix of short and long routes. You can increase and decrease the amount of training as necessary, just listen to your body to make sure that you aren’t doing too much and potentially injuring yourself.

2. To help ease the way, get the kids involved with short runs and games that get your heart pumping.

Running games with the kids such as capture the flag or tag, gets everyone’s heart’s going and it doesn’t even feel like training. But it’s still running and working the muscles that you’ll use during the Great North Run. Every little bit helps. Even if you take the dog out for a short run, it all adds up for the big day.  

3. Do a mix of daytime, lunch time and evening training sessions.

The race starts on a morning and your body might not feel so awake if it isn’t used to running at these times.  

4. Think quality rather than quantity.

There’s no point packing in the miles every single day and risking an injury. Listen to your body and take time to heal in between intense sessions. Ensure that you’re including a warmup and cool down session on either side of your workouts and treat your body kindly. 

5. Make sure you’re used to running in different weather conditions.

This is the UK, and you never know what the weather is going to be like on the day. If it’s sunny, prepare with ensuring that you’re not dehydrated, and you’re covered in sun cream.  

6. Address any problems that you’re feeling.

Are your trainers starting to rub? You have time to find a better pair and get used to them before the big run.  

7. Take care of yourself with nutrition and sleep.

Eating healthily helps give you more energy and be more prepared for the exercise. You can even follow nutrition plans, the 40:40:20 is a good one to aim for (40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fats). Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and resting. 

8. Stay mentally positive.

I imagine throughout these months that you’ve had to drag yourself out of the door to get training done, with running seeming like a chore some days. But keep going, there’s a whole city waiting to cheer you on.  


At the end of the day remember that you’re running for a reason, and that you’ll be surrounded by people with different fitness abilities. No one is going to judge you if you walk a stretch of the course. You’re going to complete the race and it is such a monumental effort no matter what time you make. 

Fundraising Tips 

1. Make it personal.

Those donating to your target want to know why you’re running, especially if you’re running for a charity. Share why that charity was chosen or why it means so much to you. Is this your first run or are you a veteran at this point? What are finding challenging about training? All the personal touches increase the odds of someone donating. 

2. Shout to the world about it.

Make sure everyone knows that you’re running, get your family, friends, and colleagues involve. Hit social media with reminders about your target, include countdowns and updates on training and the like.  

3. Show your gratitude.

It goes a long way when people know what difference their money is making and saying thank you makes them feel more valued.  

4. Get creative.

It’s the last push for fundraising, at this point you may have been trying various methods such as sponsored events or delivering collection tins around the workplace. With the run approaching, you may be able to do last minute fundraising efforts such as a sponsored haircut or shaving your beard. Could you get sponsored for every minute you finish under your training time? Think of crazy costumes and outrageous feats. Every penny helps.  

If you meet or exceed the fundraising target of £350, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of champagne. 


We’ll see you in September! Where it’s also Sir Mo Farah’s final competitive marathon, will you catch a glimpse of him on the day?