Attendance – Holidays in Term Time

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Holidays In Term Time

We are currently receiving an increase in Absence Request Forms for the purpose of holidays during term time. Whilst we understand the importance of family time and taking holidays together, we must remind you that our school attendance policy is in line with guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) ‘Working together to improve school attendance,’ which does not authorise term time holidays unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure their child receives an education and as we have outlined in the school blog throughout this school year, the Government is committed to tackling the issues that might cause some children to miss school unnecessarily and so to promote this have introduced the campaign ‘Moments Matter, Attendance Counts’, outlining how every moment in school counts, and days missed add up quickly. As such, leave for family holidays cannot be authorised and any requests received without exceptional circumstance will be declined. Please be aware that as attendance was an area highlighted at our most recent Ofsted inspection, it is discussed at our School Governors meetings where it has been suggested that it would be appropriate to notify the local authority of any unauthorised absences.  This is a course of action we are likely to take going forward. We hope that all of our parents and carers will support both school and your child by ensuring their attendance.