Christmas celebration at Northern Counties School with Northumbria Police Chief Constable, 15 December 2020

Here at The Percy Hedley Foundation, we’ve been working closely with Northumbria Police this December to help make their Christmas video message inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Staff and students at our Northern Counties School have been teaching police officers, staff and volunteers British Sign Language which has been played in primary schools across the region.

We’re one of the charities that the Force has chosen to support this Christmas with its in-house Christmas fundraising activity.

To celebrate this special relationship and say thank you, we invited Chief Constable Winton Keenen to a festive celebration event on Tuesday 15 December.

At the event our signing choir performed two Christmas songs to thank our friends from Northumbria Police, and some of our hearing impaired students had the chance to ask the Chief Constable some questions.

Chief Constable Winton Keenan said: “At Northumbria Police we continually seek to be a truly inclusive organisation and my aim has always been to bring the Force closer to the fantastic communities we are so privileged to serve here in the North East.

“I was therefore delighted by the great response we received from the Percy Hedley Foundation after we reached out to see if they could help us send and create some positive thoughts and feelings across the region this Christmas.

“The Foundation and especially the people and families they support are truly inspiring.”

Head of fundraising at Percy Hedley, Suzanne Mckenna said:This year we have worked with Northumbria Police to help produce their Christmas message, by helping officers sign to ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’.

“In addition to this, we are absolutely delighted that Northumbria Police have chosen the Percy Hedley Foundation to be one of their chosen charities this year.

“To say thank you, our wonderful choir at Northern counties school sent a thank you video message to Northumbria police and Chief Constable Winton Keenen has taken the time today to come down and personally say thank you and deliver some gifts to the children.”