Our Strategy

The corporate strategy outlines our strategic view of the future for the Percy Hedley Foundation from 2016 to 2021 and how we intend to achieve this vision.

The objective is to continue the journey to turn the Percy Hedley Foundation into a high quality, high performing organisation that is fit for purpose and fit for the future.

We recognise the difficult financial environment in which we and our commissioners will be operating in over the next five years. Therefore, whilst our plans are ambitious and highlight significant opportunities for growth, the emphasis in the plan is to ensure that our core service provision is high quality and provides value for money. This will provide the foundations and capability for future growth.

Our key drivers for success

  • One Foundation – a shared clear and united vision for the Foundation and services
  • Shared values – to ensure we put people at the heart of everything we do
  • Business Success – continued growth to offer services to more people and their families
  • Delivering high quality services – with a focus on excellence and achievement
  • Strong partnerships – working together with staff and supporters to achieve great things

This plan sets out our key objectives:

  • Our business profile – what the Foundation currently looks like and how we expect it to change by 2021
  • The allocation of our resources across the Foundation – how our income and expenditure will be allocated between now and 2021
  • How we expect our current operational footprint to change
  • How we define success and how our outcomes will be targeted towards achieving specific outcomes against set milestones for both front line and supporting services
  • What resources will be dedicated to central and supporting services to enable the delivery of the strategic plan
  • How we will ensure we operate as a financially robust and strong business which is able to invest in services for our current and future service users.

A series of operational plans will sit behind the strategic plan. These plans will outline in more detail the activities to be delivered for each business and service objective including costs, milestones and delivery responsibility. These will in turn cascade into the job objectives of teams and individuals.

Our ultimate aim is to work with our stakeholders to provide high quality services and seek out opportunities to inspire and support disabled people to achieve their ambition quite simply – Achievement for All.