Safer Recruitment

What is safer recruitment?

Safer recruitment is a set of practices to help make sure our staff and volunteers are suitable to work with children and young people. It’s a vital part of creating a safe and positive environment and making a commitment to keep our students safe from harm.

Safer recruitment should be a continuing process of improvement for every school, club, business or organisation whose work or services involve contact with children.

Applying for jobs or positions at Percy Hedley School

When we advertise and post at Percy Hedley School we send out a clear safeguarding message. Every advert for a role  in the school includes a statement about the commitment to keeping children safe.  Jobs within the school require a criminal record check and a clear DBS.  This is always included within the job advert.

Providing an application pack ensures that people interested in applying for a role within our school have all the information they need about our organisation and the advertised vacancy.

We use a standard application form for all roles. This helps make sure that we get all the information that we need from each candidate.

We include an overview of your safer recruitment process so that candidates understand what information will be sought from them and why, and what will be expected of them at each stage of the process.

As part of the application process, we will perform a check on your online presence, this may lead to us having conversation with you regarding anything we find or the privacy of your content.  We also hold the right to perform reasonable checks throughout your time in employment.


As part of our safer recruitment, we will always ask for two references, one of these must be your current or last employer.

We will ask for refences for all jobs within the school.  Once we receive them, we will perform a check on the references to ensure we are satisfied where they have come from and that they are genuine.

The Interview

There will always be at least two members of staff on the interview panel, with at least one of them holding the most recent Safer Recruitment Training.

You will be asked for your ID at interview to confirm you are who you say you are and will be asked to sign your application form to confirm the information within it is true.

If you are offered a post this will be conditional on a clear DBS and successful references.