At Northern Counties School we have a team of therapists who work collaboratively with all other staff to maintain and improve pupil achievement and wellbeing.

Each class in school has designated therapists as part of the staff team. Therapists’ caseloads are small to allow for intensive input and high levels of in-class working as well as liaison with families and workforce development. The type of input provided is dependent upon clinical need and the delivery of strategies can take place in group or individual sessions. Whilst many of the therapeutic aims for each pupil can be met through class based work there are some pupils who also need to be supported individually. These sessions are agreed with the class team when developing the timetables to allow the pupil maximum access to a broad and balanced curriculum while still ensuring that therapy needs are met. Therapy programmes are highly personalised to take into account the best form of input for each student.

The therapy team work alongside a multi-disciplinary team to gain a holistic view of the student, to gain mutual support from the team around our students and the expertise of a range of professionals.   There is a strong ethos of joint planning with teaching staff to implement high quality programmes and strategies to encourage our students to develop functional skills and encourage participation in a range of life skill activities.

Northern Counties School adopts an experiential, real life approach to learning and therapists frequently accompany classes on community visits. The inclusion of therapy staff on lunchtime rotas ensures that they work with pupils in every situation so enabling them to evaluate and facilitate a pupil’s ability to generalise skills beyond the classroom.

The therapy team have a range of highly specialist qualifications and experience and undertake continued professional development to ensure that strategies used in school are evidence based.

Therapy Approaches

Speech and Language

There is an integrated approach between specialist teaching and therapy staff to ensure that all students access strategies to maximise their ability to communicate effectively.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy team specialises in ensuring our children can access the curriculum at the optimum level in order to develop independence, interaction, cognitive processing and functional skills.


The Physiotherapy team is based in school and works with school teaching and therapy staff.


The Nursing Team respond to the health agenda for the school environment, working directly alongside head teachers, teachers, governors, and parents to promote the health and wellbeing of the students.