At Northern Counties School, we have a Nordoff & Robbins music therapist who delivers sessions two days per week. Sessions are available to learners across the school and a mixture of individual, small group, and full class group sessions are offered. The sessions are person-centred and led by the learners – sessions are offered in addition to the music curriculum which is delivered by the music teacher.

Nordoff and Robbins is the UK’s largest music therapy charity, with a unique approach shaped by more than 60 years of practice. The approach is based on the power of musical participation. Working one-to-one or with small groups, therapists create a platform for learners to express themselves.


Making music is crucial to the way young people learn about the world around them. Music therapy sessions can:

  • Help to build communication skills;
  • Give people the chance to express themselves in different ways;
  • Reduce isolation and encourage social interaction;
  • Boost confidence and help people find connection and meaning, positively impacting their mental health;
  • Aid cognitive function, coordination, speech and physical development;
  • Provide opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

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