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World Book Day 2024

See how both Percy Hedley School and Northern Counties School celebrated World Book Day 2024!

Percy Hedley School

Percy Hedley School celebrated World Book Day by dressing up! This year’s theme was was Read Your Own Way, so students could also come to school dressed as how they would when they are reading (this could mean pjyamas and comfy clothes too). There was no pressure to do so but the students had a blast!

Hear from Becky from the Literary team about more that the school got up to:

We all had a lovely World Book Day, celebrating our favourite characters and favourite books together. As always there was some fantastically creative fancy dress, and a lot of people looking very cosy in their pyjamas. More importantly though, there was a lot of sharing of familiar, much-loved books and a lot of exploring new books! 

2RC enjoyed showing their friends their costumes and the book they had chosen. They took turns reading each other’s choice of books and even enjoyed listening to a reading of Grandude’s Green Submarine on a Yoto (audio book player!)

6LWC sat and discussed our favourite books in a reading circle, making ourselves comfy on beanbags and snacking on biscuits. Lena shared her favourite book, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and read a few pages to class and we talked about our favourite places and times of day to read. 

2BE enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. We listened to each other’s choice of books and said what we liked about each one. This morning we joined 500 other children from 240 schools to listen to a special story live on Zoom. To say we were transfixed would be an understatement! We couldn’t take our eyes off the screen! We loved the story! It was recorded so you can watch it again at home: World Book Day Marvin Story Time Show Special – Positive Eye

Northern Counties School

(Pictured above, our wonderful book themed stairs, and the inside of our Narnia themed wardrobe in Hillcrest’s Library)

World Book Day was a day to celebrate our literary themed spaces, including our Hillcrest Library which is now a safe space for all students looking for their next read (including those who want to look inside the wardrobe and take a peak at Narnia). The stairs going up towards the art classroom have now also been decorated with literary themed vinyl, which each stair depicting a different book spine.

Northern Counties School also celebrated by dressing up as their favourite characters but they also hosted an arts and crafts afternoon. This was where students could re-create some famous book covers.

You can see some of the lovely costumes in the photos below:

World Book Day Resources

There are so many lovely resources available to celebrate World Book Day at home and at school, but we particularly loved these: