Hedleys Horizons can offer a bespoke programme to support people on the Autistic spectrum or where support is needed to help manage anxieties and behaviour that can be challenging. This programme is person centred and will look carefully to meet your needs of each person. Any of the activities on offer in this brochure can be adapted so that they take place in a much smaller group or on a one to one basis.

These activities may all occur in one place so that you can feel safe in a space that is consistently for your use. Quiet rooms are available for a low arousal environment. A specialist sensory integration space is available and can be used on an informal basis throughout the day as needed. Two specialist sensory rooms can be accessed that use Sensory Guru technology to tailor the experience to each individual.

Community access can also be very important and we have our own transport if the use of public transport is not appropriate. We access local leisure facilities or go hiking in the surrounding countryside.

We access a successful programme in Northumberland offering outdoor learning such as bushcraft skills, experiencing nature and practical hands on woodwork activity. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced staff ready to deliver bespoke programmes, work with families, social workers or care managers to build a package that is holistic and person centred. Staff are trained to utilise a total communication approach to build relationships and structure.


  • To develop communication skills to enhance daily life.
  • To achieve a well balanced meaningful sense of self.
  • To support health and well being.
  • To self-regulate with support to manage anxieties.
  • To build positive relationships with others.
  • To access the community and enhance a feeling of belonging to a community.
  • To make choices that will give control over their own lives.
  • To build support networks for individuals and their families.

Integrated Therapy

We provide an integrated approach to ensure the therapeutic strategies and aims are implemented throughout the day in order to provide maximum opportunities for service users to develop their skills. A strong partnership with parents/carers helps the transition from the Horizons environment to home, accessing the local community and beyond. We provide training, advice and feedback to support staff to implement each individual’s specific therapy interventions to achieve positive outcomes.