We offer specialist, individual study programmes supported by a highly skilled team of tutors, therapists and support staff.

Our Admissions Process
School Review
At your school annual review and transition meetings from year 9 you will meet your Connexions Advisor or Careers Officer to discuss and plan for transition. Your Connexions Advisor/ Careers Officer will support you to access The Local Offer (online service) which provides a list of transition options available in your region. If it is relevant to you, local specialist provision should be discussed.
Visit Your Options
You can ask your Careers Advisor for support to arrange visits to a number of providers. Please make sure you visit all options before making up your mind.
Express Your Preference
When you are ready, ideally at the beginning of your final school year, we advise you or your parents express your preference in writing. You can name a specialist college if based on your research it is the best place to meet your needs and help you to achieve your long term aims. Please submit your preference with any additional evidence to your Careers Advisor.
Make a Referral
Your Careers/Connexions Advisor or your school will support you to make a referral for an assessment or you can request one yourself. All prospective students who apply to College are offered initial visits and an assessment. We also offer visits to see prospective students at their local schools. Whilst at college on assessment we offer all students a chance to meet our multi¬disciplinary team of teaching staff and therapists.
Cornfirmation of Programme
Once your initial assessment is completed we will be able to confirm if we can offer you a learning programme. Our assessment report provides an overview of the proposed learning programme and levels of support required, it includes care, therapy and medical support assessments.
Funding Application
Once completed, it is shared with you and the funding application is sent to your LA High Needs Panel. It is your LA High Needs Funding Panel that will make a final decision about your placement.

To request further information and discuss your personal circumstance, please contact College Student Recruitment and Assessment Coordinator, Kasha Gorowska.


Phone: 0191 212 7853

You can also download our Initial Contact Form below.

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