Hedleys Horizons

Horizons Introduction

Hedleys Horizons is a new programme, combining Able 2 and Fir Trees offers as part of the Percy Hedley Foundation. Offering a range of activities – practical and sensory – that you can choose to take part in throughout the week across the two neighbouring sites – Horizons East and West. The range of activities is based on what has proved popular so far.

Activities Programme – At Hedleys Horizons you can continue to work on employability, independence, communication and choice making skills and to take part in a range of social enterprises. These social enterprises, Multimedia, Music, Print and Horticulture, along with other activities provide meaningful lifelong learning goals, promote mental wellbeing and offer purposeful activities and enterprise. You can also choose to access volunteering opportunities in your local community with support.

Sensory Programme Hedleys Horizons can offer individualised programmes of activities for those of you who need a higher level of support to meet physical needs, health care needs or communication needs. You will be supported to take part in an engaging variety of sensory based activities in purposeful surroundings designed to engage all of your senses, promoting enjoyment and engagement with the world around you.

Bespoke ASC Programme Hedleys Horizons can also support those of you with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) who require a bespoke package with a high level of support, access to quiet spaces, sensory integration and meaningful engagement. This will include community integration and a specialist staff team experienced in providing individual approaches. You will be encouraged and supported to build meaningful relationships and common interests.

At Hedleys Horizons our onsite therapy team are available without a referral throughout the year. Integrated therapy provision is assessed individually and then integrated on weekly basis within service users’ activities. We provide specialist treatment programmes (to include on site hydro and rebound therapy on-site), assessments and regular reviews/progression and links to community-based services when required.

There is a Foundation wide nursing service that can also provide support to those that may have health needs requiring support from staff with specific training. On-site facilities include a hydrotherapy pool, gym, newly developed independent living skills flat, media, print and music studios, radio station, horticulture and sensory rooms.
Packages can be full or part time and do not include transport, which will need to be sourced by care manager, social worker or family.


At Hedleys Horizons we aim to give you a wide range of experiences that will offer you the following:

  • Help to become as independent as possible within the service and the community.
  • Promotion of a Total Communication approach: use of British Signed Language, Signed Supported English, Makaton and a range of augmentative and alternative communication systems, including Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs), symbols, pictures, objects of reference and Intensive Interaction etc.
  • Support to make choices about your everyday life and inform your futures.
  • Help to live a life that you would choose and get the most from.
  • Ensure you are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Have meaningful person-centered individual outcomes.
  • Have a detailed person-centered support plan as appropriate, working closely with you, your family social worker/care manager.
  • Help to try new things and develop your interests.
  • A person centred approach in everything we do.
  • Monitoring and development of your health and welfare.
  • Appropriate support based on assessed need.
  • Equal opportunities for all that respond to and recognise diversity.


Hedleys Horizons runs between the hours of 9am and 4pm with a lunch break between 12pm and 1pm. The day can begin in a variety of ways depending on your need.
The following provides an overview of the three pathways with outcomes and aims.

1. Activities programme.
2. Sensory Programme.
3. Bespoke ASC Programme.

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To find out more information about our adult day opportunities and how you could use our services email horizonsplaces@percyhedley.org.uk or phone our team on 0191 2381300