The Better Lives Project

The Better Lives Project is designed to empower adults with a disability to make choices.

We do this by promoting person centred approaches, self-advocacy and residential advocacy.

Adopting person centred approaches make us think about the service we offer and plan and review so they can be improved. We also take into account the needs of the residents and involved them at each stage.

The Project gives the residents a voice and helps them to learn new skills and take more control of their own lives.

We have an elected Residential Steering Group that focuses on building and maintaining friendships and sharing the decision making process.

Better Lives promotes independent thinking and looks for ways to improve a resident’s self-esteem. It also seeks opportunities where residents can develop new skills and maintain inclusion.

Whether it’s developing community links, creating opportunities like volunteering, empowering residents through training or campaigning, The Better Lives Project gives residents a voice and the opportunity to take control of their lives.