Vote for Percy Hedley in the Groundwork Tesco Bags of Help Scheme!

The Percy Hedley Foundation and Northern Counties are delighted to be in the Groundwork Tesco bags of help scheme during July and August.

Together we can help secure the top grant of £4k!

Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 raised from carrier bag sales in Tesco stores awarded to local community projects and we are delighted to be one of the groups on the shortlist.


To vote, you need to make a purchase within store of any value between Sunday 1st July –  Friday 31st August.

You will receive one token per transaction, it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token, and all votes will go towards helping to secure a grant to buy and fit a specialist wheelchair accessible roundabout for outdoor play.


“The wheelchair accessible roundabout will enable young people with very complex needs to experience being on a roundabout which they will have not been able to access before. This will provide a new sensory experience and will support the development of each child’s individual communication skills. But most importantly it will be fun!”

Claire Ramsey, Deputy Head at Northern Counties School.


So, next time you shop at one of the below Tesco stores, think of us and the joy you could bring to the Children at The Percy Hedley Foundation!


Kingston Park, Tesco Extra NE3 2FP

Chillingham Road, Newcastle Express NE6 5LL

Gosforth, Newcastle Express NE3 3BQ

Jesmond, Newcastle Metro NE2 2DJ

Benton Road, Newcastle Express NE7 7EW

Newcastle NE3 2FP

Newcastle Barrack Road Express NE14 BT

Newcastle Chapel Express NE5 1DR

Newcastle Eldon Square

Newcastle Sheildfield Express NE2 1TB

Newcastle Upon Tyne Express NE1 4PW

Newcastle West Road Express NE15 6PQ