Visits for our care home residents – COVID-19 update 11.03.21

Visiting arrangements in care homes

We’ve now received the government guidance on contact visits in care homes, which is summarised here:

Full guidance can be found here: Visiting arrangements in care homes

We’re currently working through the guidance and and reviewing our visitor policy and processes for each home as well as reviewing individual visiting plans for each resident. We’ll be in touch with families early next week with more information about how we plan to extend visiting options for residents in line with the new guidance.

Visits away from care homes

The government also published guidance this week about visits away from the care home:

Visits away from the care home

We’re also working through this new guidance and are reviewing individual risk assessments for each resident in line with the guidance. Please bear with us while we do this, we’re working as quickly as we can and we’ll update relatives as soon as we have more information.