Trustees’ Independent Review, Bradbury View Children’s Home – Update 09.02.21

Update from Jonathan Jowett, Chair, Board of Trustees:

“The Foundation has now received the report of the independent review commissioned by Trustees, following the closure of its Bradbury View children’s home in September 2020.   

The review, commissioned by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, was carried out by Jacki Elliot working on behalf of Care Improvement Associates. Jacki is a former local authority social work manager with 31 years’ experience working with disabled children, learning disabled adults, and in residential and fostering services. Care Improvement Associates is a national network of over 40 care quality consultants, which includes current CQC inspectors, specialist advisers and former inspectors who all share the aim of outstanding care quality. 

The Foundation accepts the ten key recommendations identified in the report and is developing an action plan to address the findings.   The review report highlights three key areas the foundation should strengthen, including:   

  • Leadership, organisational culture and quality monitoring   
  • Recruitment, Retention, supervision and training of staff   
  • Quality and compliance issues in residential services  

In October 2020, we announced the appointment of Lisa Deane as Director of Residential Care and Safeguarding.  Lisa’s immediate remit has been to review leadership and management, drive an improvement in quality, review safeguarding arrangements and specifically to address any issues raised in the independent review.  Lisa is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of leading residential business turnaround and improvement. In January 2021 the Board of Trustees also appointed a Safeguarding Trustee with specific responsibility for oversight of safeguarding matters at the Foundation.  We have already implemented a number of service improvements to strengthen the quality of our services including, recruitment and induction of staff, electronic tracking of training completions, leadership development for managers, the introduction of CPOMs safeguarding system into children’s residential and regular quality audits. 

We are deeply sorry for the disruption caused to the children and their parents and carers following the closure.  We wanted to understand what led to the closure of the service so that we could learn from it and rebuild the trust and confidence of all families, supporters and commissioners to strengthen the future services we provide.

The independent review provides a clear insight into the issues we need to address and the actions we should undertake in developing our plans for the future of Bradbury View.  We have taken the opportunity to discuss these plans and the way forward with parents, guardians and other key stakeholders in open, transparent and constructive consultative meetings.”