Special Support Assistant

A Day in the Life of…Stephanie

Role: Special Support Assistant at Percy Hedley School

Every day is different at Percy Hedley School and it’s one of the reasons why I absolutely love working for the Foundation along with the knowledge that I work alongside a fantastic and dedicated team. However, let’s not forget the sheer delight that all the students bring to my day as I feel privileged to be part of these amazing children’s lives.


Catch up with the team to discuss any concerns and to go through the routine of the day to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.


I collect students from taxis and escort them to class whilst chatting with them about the previous night and plans for the day. We then take students to the social area to allow them to communicate and socialise with their peers before the school day begins.


I support students with their individual morning work targets e.g. working alongside children to independently choose their lunch time meal and communicate this to the kitchen staff. Then it is time to encourage students to choose their reward for the end of the school day.


The first lesson of the day starts and I work with a group of children that need support to concentrate on given tasks along with different communication needs i.e. by using signs or the use of a voca whilst giving constant encouragement and enabling students to be as independent as possible to succeed in fulfilling their potential.


Prepare snacks for the children as some students need medication at specific times of the day. After that I take a quick break and prepare for the next lesson


During the second lesson I could be supporting children within a core lesson or in a therapy session, again enabling independence as much as possible.


It’s time for lunch duty, where I assist children with their lunches as they all have various needs. At 1pm I have my own lunch and reflect on the morning with colleagues.


It is time for community skills session. I have been assisting and enabling students in the community by going shopping with them. They have shopping lists and money to gain some valuable life and social skills.

I must remember all medication needed in the event of a medical emergency along with any specialist communication equipment for students to succeed in this task. I must record all evidence to go towards the student’s accreditation.


Write notes in student’s diaries to relay their day back to parents or carers along with getting any medication ready to go home. After that I escort them to taxi with handover information. Sometimes we have staff meetings at the end of the day before it’s time to finish.

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