Day Services Officer

Day in the Life of…Rob

Role: Day Services Officer Level 2 (Soundscapes)

Previous roles: Level 1 Officer Soundscapes, 1-1 Support Worker at Able2.

8.45am – 9am

Open up and prepare the suite. I check emails, have a cup of tea (2 sugars, oh, and a chocolate digestive or 2) while having a handover meeting with colleagues in KMS and Foundation Radio.


Assist service users with refreshments, personal care, or starting their session, depending on their choice. Check in medication, outline plans for the day and ask our service users if they want to work on group projects, individual projects, or have a good old fashioned jam!


Assist with 2 individual projects and a group project. We need to get good drum sounds and guitar parts on a track, so I detune a guitar to a certain chord so a service user can make the most of his movement to play a perfect D chord. Raise the snare drum to its highest point for another service user and hit record!


Personal care, and administer medication before heading to Able2cook for lunch.

12pm-12 30pm

Assist with lunch and then check emails. There are requests for a Soundbeam Band gig and a CD for a Linskill therapy session. I ask a service user to use their skills to do this.


Assist with personal care, administer medication, and set up studio for group jam. They use soundbeams, iPads, keyboards, samplers and drum kit. Some chilled out beats, some rockin’ sounds, and some block rockin’ beats to finish. Ask service users to check all Soundscapes mixcloud and youtube accounts.


Sign out medication, assist with personal care, and burn off CDs for peoples’ individual projects. Someone has eaten all the chocolate digestives. Can’t think who.

3 30pm-4pm

Tidy, check emails, look into wheelchair accessibility and stage access for a potential Soundbeam gig in the spring. I ring Tynemouth Choral Society over recording session on location for their album and plan for a Euro 2016 project. Say bye to colleagues, put alarms on, and lock up. Time for home!

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