COVID-19 update: Visiting our residential homes – weekly review 22.06.20

We promised to review the restrictions on visits to our homes and overnight visits with family for our residents.  Here is the latest update:

Restrictions on visits to our homes
We’re continuing to review the restrictions on visits to our homes each week.  There is still no change to our restrictions about visitors, but we are closer to a solution that will enable us to safely manage visits at an outdoor space (in a weather protected area).  We are also checking each day for any changes to government guidance which may help to make it easier for us to support this.

We’ll keep updating you on our position each week, and we will endeavour to stay in contact with all of our families and each service will make sure that arrangements are made for visits once restrictions are lifted.

Requests for short visits overnight to the family home.
The current guidance for care homes asks us to treat the home as a ‘bubble’. This means that we treat the home as a household or ‘bubble’ and keep it separate from other households in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To protect the safety of the residential bubble from COVID-19, we have to minimise the risk of the potential spread of infection by minimising how often residents leave the ‘bubble’ and then return.  At this time, in order to maintain the safety of all residents, we cannot facilitate planned stays overnight with family.

Our current policy, in line with relevant government guidance to keep households separate, is to ask for a period of isolation on return to the residential service (for example from a stay in hospital or returning from a long term stay in the family home while shielding), which will be assessed individually by the service manager, following the relevant guidance at the time (between 7 and 14 days).

We don’t have enough space or staffing to be able to manage this isolation on a planned, regular basis for multiple residents as this could leave all residents at risk if we then don’t have isolation space to accommodate a symptomatic resident.

We will review this on a weekly basis, and in line with government guidance.

We know this is really difficult for everyone and would like to thank you for your patience in enabling us to prevent the spread of infection across our homes. With your support, this is working and we are really pleased that to date, we have not had a single case of COVID-19 in any of our residential services.