COVID-19 update, vaccinations in our care homes – 05.02.21

Update on vaccinations in our adult care homes

We’ve had some enquiries from family members about when their loved one will get a COVID-19 vaccination. The approach to vaccinating members of the community is led by local authorities and the health service and this means it varies between each area. The initial priority in all areas was to focus on care homes registered to care for older people. You may have seen the Prime Minister in the media saying all care home residents have been offered a vaccination – this refers to homes registered for people aged 65 and over.

All of our adult homes are registered as specialist residential accommodation for adults of working age. So, even though a number of our residents are 65 and over, this means that our homes do not fall into the high priority groups which are being offered the vaccine first.

We know you’re anxious to make sure your loved one gets their vaccine as soon as possible so thought it would be useful to provide an update for you.

Newcastle – Tyne House and Wansbeck House

In Newcastle all our residents who consented and were able to have the vaccine have now had their first dose of the vaccine. Most of our staff (80%) who have consented to have the vaccine have also had their first dose.

North Tyneside – Leybourne, Chipchase House and Ferndene

In North Tyneside, most residents have not yet been offered the vaccine as our homes are classified as tier 4 priority. We are in close contact daily with local authorities and GP surgeries to do what we can to ensure our residents get the vaccine as quickly as possible. A small number of residents have been able to access their vaccine through their GP surgery. North Tyneside Council have advised us that they are now starting to prepare for the roll out of the vaccine to care homes in tier 4, residents in Chipchase House and Leybourne will be vaccinated next week (date to be confirmed). We’ll update family members next week about progress.

Most of our team members working in all our care homes have now had their first dose of the vaccine and in Leybourne some of our team have had their second dose.