Sensory Activities

Sensory Kitchen

This session focuses on the exploration of different tastes, smells and textures of ingredients. Independent work is encouraged throughout using switches and specialist equipment. This is a fun and sociably engaging session where all service users can participate.

Functional Kitchen

With an emphasis on developing and maintaining functional life skills, this session supports service users to create a recipe from scratch by using a symbols and Makaton. Social skills are also enhanced as we promote turn taking and social interaction.


The music group offers individuals the opportunity to interact with musical instruments and switches. Service users who attend can build confidence and establish positive relationships by engaging in this socially interactive setting.

Tac Pac

TacPac combines touch and music to promote communication and social interaction, sensory and emotional development. It provides a relaxing, tactile experience and an opportunity to make physical and eye contact with another person and develop a relationship.

Sensory Stories

Multi-sensory stories told using individual pages and objects. Service users feel, hear or smell the items. We have a range of different stories including a trip to the hair dressers, football match, and fairground.

Themed sensory days

At Linskill we run themed sensory days for special occasions throughout the year. On these occasions there are various accessible arts and crafts and sensory activities.