Hedleys Karten Media

Hedleys Karten Media

Lights, camera, ACTION! If you’re interested in making music videos, short films, adverts or web design then why not get in touch with Karten Media?

Hedleys Karten Media offers a full range of video production facilities in a supportive environment that enhances training and collaboration working practices.

See some of our Videos on YouTube  or Vimeo.

Karten Media is an exciting project based at Orion that provides the opportunities for disabled people to get involved in multimedia activities.

The suite boasts a studio space, control room and stop-frame animation area and has adjustable benches for wheelchair access.

The project aims to develop activities initiated by people who access the service, but it can also be used by community groups and businesses to enhance the effectiveness of their communication.

Training and production practice is also available in video format, high-end digital photography, digital and stop frame animation and web design with streaming video.

There are lots of different roles for people to try out and get involved in, both in front of and behind the camera. These roles include writing, storyboarding, scripting, directing, production services, camera operation, lighting, sound recording, vision mixing, linear and non-linear editing, grip operation, set design and building, makeup and special effects.