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Hedleys Radio

The team at Hedleys Radio write, record and edit podcasts, which are then hosted on www.mixcloud.com/HedleysRadio.  People who join us learn how to work as a team whilst developing recording and editing techniques.  We host a range of podcasts from radio plays and music shows to documentaries on local history and sports discussions.  We have created audio books for clients, this has allowed the team to develop sound effect recording skills, known as Foley.

Our programmes showcase the skills people pick up and improve whilst using our fantastic equipment and software.  We have touch screen computers, portable recording equipment and Adobe Audition editing software.

We are always looking for people to get involved in our programmes.  If you would like to get in contact with a suggestion or to take part in a podcast please get in contact, our email is radio@percyhedley.org.uk

Audio Production of A Pony Named Charlie


A Pony Named Charlie is the 2nd audio book Hedleys Radio has created for Angela Hobbs.  It tells the tale of Charlie as he grows up on a farm and later moves to the New Forest with Angela.  The story is narrated by Frankie, and although he has recorded many podcasts for Hedleys Radio before, voice acting was a whole new role.  To bring the story to life the team added sound effects such as birds tweeting, minibus engines and waves at the seashore.  The team worked incredibly hard to ensure that every sound was expertly recorded and placed in just the right spot. The project took over 6 months to complete and the whole team are very proud of what they have achieved.

An audio edition of the book can be downloaded for free from the resources section of Karten Network website: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE


Frankie recording the part of Charlie.  Frankie had not narrated an audio book before, it took a lot of time and patience but he soon developed his techniques and improved his voice acting skills.

Trevor, Brian & Jamie editing chapter 3 in Adobe Audition.  All three are very meticulous about the placement of the files we put in.

Daryn, Brian, Gabrielle & Frankie (otherwise known as Charlie) all showed great patience in both editing the audio and when recording it. Gabrielle has a fantastic ear for detail and can spot the smallest of errors.

Debbie, Rahima & Louise after editing some of the audio.  Louise has ridden horses in the past and therefore very knowledgeable when we were looking for and recording new sound effects.

Daryn re-creating the sound of horse’s hooves on grass, using cloth stuffed inside plastic cups.