Sage staff swap keyboards for paintbrushes for a day of volunteering

P1020386Staff from Sage swapped keyboards for paintbrushes when they spent time volunteering at Hedleys Able 2 Forest Hall.

A team of 14 volunteers spent a day doing various jobs in the ceramics, art and horticulture departments.

The teams did some general cleaning and tidying ready for some redecorating in the ceramics and art rooms and the same in horticulture where they are getting ready for the start of spring hanging basket season.

A team also repainted the ceramics department, which now looks fab and fresh!

Thanks to every single volunteer, your support is appreciated very much.


Lori was one of the volunteers and she had some lovely feedback about her time with us.

“I was blown away by all the staff, not only by how kind and generous they were with us but also the residents,” she said.

“I went into ceramics with Kate (who was lovely) and couldn’t get over the hard work her and Denise put in on a daily basis. You could tell just by talking to them how motivated they were and must find their jobs extremely rewarding.

“Every single person that came into the room they knew everything about them, it was so personal and I can see why everyone was walking round with a smile on their face.

“The food was amazing! And we were really grateful for everything that day…especially the biscuits we got at the end of the day with our cuppa!”

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